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Be cautious of teeth whitening systems that promise results in just “10 minutes”. The truth is, these “Fast-White” systems typically produce poor results compared to professional systems that use 2-3 teeth whitening sessions lasting 15-20 minutes each. While you may see some results after a single 10-minute session, this is mostly due to the pores of your teeth opening up, and the effects are not long-lasting. For optimal and longer-lasting results, it’s best to undergo 2-3 sessions of professional teeth whitening.

During the teeth whitening process, the bleaching agent needs time to travel through the enamel of your teeth to reach the stained dentin beneath. This dentin is what gives your teeth their natural white color, and it’s what you really want to whiten. Whitening only the enamel during a single session won’t produce long-lasting results. For the best and most effective teeth whitening, it’s important to demand direct application of the gel on your teeth during a chair-side teeth whitening session, without any messy mouth trays.

By taking the time to do the teeth whitening process properly with 2-3 15-20 minute sessions using a professional system, you will effectively whiten the dentin and achieve the best teeth whitening results that will last for a long time. Remember, when it comes to teeth whitening, it’s best to be patient and invest in a professional system for the best results.


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